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Dear IPv6 Testers

This Server is has been part of the Berkom IPv6 Showcase.

Since the Showcase is over now, we switch around to productive Space.

Documentation (german): Qmail+IPv6 Howto


We are providing the following Services
for testing IPv6 connectivity:


Nameserver: (2a01:30:1000::2)

IRC-Server: (2a01:30:1000::2)
(linked within the IRCNow Network)

Webserver (v6-only): (2001:7a0:10e::80)

Mailserver: (2a01:30:1000::2)
POP3-Server: (2a01:30:1000::2)
(Please feel free to contact Tom Spier to get your IPv6-Space allowed for relaying,
or to get an IPv6 reachable POP3 Mailbox)

Timeserver: (2a01:30:1000::2)


IPv6 Traceroute IPv6 Ping

If we missed Services, you would like us to provide,
please feel free to contact Tom Spier

Please have a look at Berkom IPv6 Showcase Homepage.